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wartrol-reviewA few months ago one of my readers asked me if I knew anything about a product called Wartrol.

At the time I knew nothing about this product but since then I’ve studied everything about it and have tested it on myself and some willing subjects.

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My Results

First let’s start with a picture. They say it speaks a thousand words.


As you can see the result of using Wartrol on myself was very effective. After just 14 days the wart was almost half the size.

By day 23 the wart was completely gone apart from a small mark.

And by day 28 the mark had gone too.

To say I am impressed is an understatement.

Getting rid of warts usually takes a long time as they can be stubborn little critters. Most remedies or over the counter medicines you’ll find to get rid of warts usually take months to work, if at all.

Wartrol worked great on me but I wanted to see if it worked as well on others.

Luckily for me it didn’t take long to find a couple of people with warts who were willing to help me with my test.

So enter my test subjects, Jane and Bill.

Jane had a wart on her thumb and Bill had one on his elbow.

Here Are Janes Results..


As you can see Janes wart took a little longer than mine to clear up but the Wartrol was still very effective and the wart was almost completely gone in just over a month.

Here Are Bills Results.


Wartrol worked great on Bill too, his wart cleared up in just 3 weeks.

How To Use Wartrol

It’s actually very simple to use. The solution comes in a small bottle with a little brush. Here’s how I used Wartrol..

  1. First clean the wart area with an antiseptic. I use and recommend Savlon or TCP.
  2. Dip the brush into the Wartrol solution and apply a small amount to cover the wart.
  3. Wait for the solution to air dry completely and sink into the wart. (around 20 minutes)
  4.  Cover the wart with a plaster.

Do this once a day every morning until the wart is gone.

Note: for faster results apply twice a day in the morning and evening. Most days I just applied Wartrol in the morning but a few days I also applied it before bed time.

How does Wartrol work?

The main ingredient in Wartrol is Salicylic Acid 17%, a very effective ingredient for getting rid of warts. The Wartrol solution works by soaking into the wart and thinning it layer by layer, essentially dissolving the wart.

What types of warts will Wartrol work on?

Wartrol gets rid of common warts and Plantar warts found on the bottom of the foot. It will not work on genital warts.

How much Wartrol do you need?

If you just have one wart then I recommend buying one bottle and when that bottle is running out you can then decide if you need to buy another.

If you have several warts then you will need to buy a bottle for each wart. So if you have 3 warts then you should be able to get rid of them with between 3-6 bottles of Wartrol depending on how fast it works for you.

Should you buy Wartrol?

There are many different ways of getting rid of warts. The fastest are surgery and freezing with liquid nitrogen which can both be painful and expensive.

This is an example of a wart frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Pretty bad right? It’s painful and I don’t recommend it.

The fastest ways to get rid of a wart are;

  • Speak with your doctor and schedule a time to get the wart surgically removed.
  • Or speak to a dermatologist to get the wart frozen with liquid nitrogen.

However if you are looking for a fast way go get rid of your warts at home with no pain then I recommend you buy some Wartrol. It’s not as fast as surgery or liquid nitrogen freezing but it’s the next best thing.

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  1. Bill (From The Review)says:

    This is Bill from the review. Just wanted to leave a comment to say thanks to Greg for paying for the Wartrol for me and helping me out.

    To be honest at first I didn’t think Wartrol would work as I have been trying to get rid of that wart for years with remedies and otc stuff.

    So yeah I was very happy that Wartrol worked so well.

    I’ll stick around if anyone has any questions.

    Thanks again Greg and Wartrol.


  2. Janesays:

    Sorry for posting so late, I had to go away for a week for work.

    I am Jane from Gregs review. I had a wart on my thumb that I was always self conscious about.

    Greg was wonderful and paid for me to use Wartrol in exchange for before and after pics.

    As you can see from the review Wartrol got rid of the wart very fast and it is still gone.

    It may sound silly but now the wart has gone it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

    If you have warts then get yourself some Wartrol, it works.

    • Greg Mewssays:

      Hey, Jane.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice that you feel a weight has been lifted. Warts can also be psychologically damaging as well as physically.

      Keep in touch.


  3. Amy Vsays:

    I’m excited about your results. I just started using Wartrol yesterday to get rid of a wart on my hand. Fingers crossed it works!


  4. Amy Vsays:

    I just thought I’d come back and let you know that I’ve been using Wartrol for a month now and it’s already fading. I’ve still got some solution left.

    It’s about half the size it was at the start so I can see it wont be long before it’s all gone.

    Thanks for recommending Wartrol to me.

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